Aid for Grandmaster Tony Diego of Kalis Ilustrisimo.

Aid for Grandmaster Tony Diego

Greeting Fellow Eskrimadors,
Kapisanang Mandirigma is  gathering donations to assist Master Tony Diego with his house that burned down. Fortunately with great support much of the work has been done. However there are still things like the electrical system that needs installing. When we send the donations it will also include a list of who donated so he knows who it is from. Email this site if you are interested. Donations will be send 01/06/12. Maraming Salamat .

Guro Dino Flores


On the morning of February 24, 2012 a fire raged through a small community in Manila. Many houses were razed to the ground leaving families homeless. We received sad news that the home of Master Tony Diego was among those houses that didn’t survive the fire. Absolutely none of their possessions were saved except the clothes on their backs. Master Tony and family are alive and safe but in dire need of assistance. Since the fire, they have been given temporary shelter at the local community center. We would like to solicit the immediate help of our brothers and sisters in Kalis Ilustrisimo and other kind souls to send aid for Master Tony and his family. Since Master Tony has no home at the moment, donations in kind may pose a problem. Instead, cash donations would be preferred and much appreciated.




Thanks to the following for their kind donations to Master Tony Diego:

Joe Tan, Arnold Noche, Jamie Morris, Ronnie Buenafe, Christof Froelich (Germany)
Louis Eguaras, Michael Rayas, Flavio Ruiz Van Hoof (Belgium), Lester Salvador, Stephan F.J. (France),
Brett Granstaff and Michael Orland.

Thanks to Peachie Baron for  all her assistance in theprocess.

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