Kapisanang Mandirigma in Australia May, 2010 hosted by the Southside Arnis Escrima Club

Guro Dino Flores Ilustrisimo, Lameco Seminars May 14th and 15th, 2010 Brisbane Australia

Southside Arnis Escrima Club is honored to be hosting Guro Dino Flores Seminars in Brisbane, Australia.

The seminar will be on the highly respected Filipino Martial Systems of Kalis Ilustrisimo and Lameco.

Details as follows:

1st available session Friday the 14th of May at 6pm in the Martial Arts Hall of the Sports Centre at University of Queensland St.Lucia Brisbane.

The building closes up at 9pm so plan to arrive at around 5:30pm so we get a full 3 hour session in.

Saturday 15th May in the same building but a different room (Multi Purpose Room) starting at 10:30am going for 3 hours.

The prebooked price will be $65 per person per day.
At the door price it will be $70 per person per day.

Please contact me via email on alan.mcfarlane.beae@hotmail.com or Mobile (In Australia) 0466 442 913 if you wish to attend or if you have any enquiries.

Some information about Guro Flores:
Born in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has lived in various places including Suva – Fiji, Port Moresby – Papua New Guinea, Manila and Laguna – Philippines and Los Angeles – California.

Guro Dino is a Senior Member of Lameco SOG (Sulite Orihinal Group) also known as the “Backyard Group” under
the late Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite of Lameco Eskrima International. He was first introduced
to the concept of “Arnis” and Philippine history by his father Dr. A.S. Flores in the mid Nineteen Seventies. His
first exposure to training was in the early Nineteen Eighties in Laguna Province, Philippines. Older relatives and
family friends introduced him to basic street applications and strategy of the balisong blade during stays in the Philippines. He is a long-time student of Grandmaster Conrad A. Manaois (Ninoy Cinco Teros Arnis) and also trained for several years under Master Henry Bio (Sikaran Arnis) in the Nineteen Eighties. Since the passing of Punong Guro he has continuously train in Kali Ilustrisimo Under Master Christopher Ricketts. He also had the opportunity to train in Kali Ilustrisimo with Master Rey Galang, Master Yuli Romo and Master Tony Diego. Guro Dino also trained privately for several years under Professor Ireneo L. Olavides in Eskrima De Campo JDC-IO.

Guro Dino had taught numerous seminars and classes over the years. He has appeared on Television, Instructional Videos and Radio Shows promoting the arts. He has contributed to magazine article for publications such as “Masters”, “Blitz” and “FMA Digest. Guro Dino has also contributed to book publications including “Masters of the Blade” and “Warrior Arts of the Philippines”. He is currently working on several book and video projects for various masters.

Guro Dino has conducted numerous seminars, lectures and demonstrations. Including conferences at UCLA, Cal State Fullerton, University of California Irvine, Loyola Marymount University, Glendale College, Cherry Blossom Festival, Lotus Festival, Philippie Tourism Expo, Manila Sports Expo, Balintawak Cuentada Gathering Las Vegas and The Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture to name a few. Guro Dino was one of the first instructors invited to the World Filipino Martial Arts Association EXPO in Seattle, Washinton in 1993. One of his proudest moments was to be one of two cultural groups (the othe one being traditional dance) to perform in the world famous Los Angeles City Hall during the televised dedication of the the very first official “Filipinotown” in the USA. Other activities include Guro Dino being fight coordinator for the original performance of the first Filipino Opera “Karim at Jasmin” and the Filipino stage Musical “Abadeha”.

Guro Dino is a founding member of Kapisanang Mandirigma, Mandirigma.org and Kali Klub sa Historic Filipinotown Los Angeles. The Kali Klub is a volunteer collaboration with various non-profit agencies in Los Angeles. The project included setting up an award-winning program to positively divert at-risk youth from drugs and gangs using the Filipino Warrior Arts as a metaphor for adaptation and learning. The success of this program over ten years led to awards and recognition by organizations such as S.I.P.A Youth Services, Filam Arts, Pilipino Workers Center, California State Assembly, California State Board of Equalization and The Los Angeles Mayors Office. The Kali Klub has also arranged fundraisers in order to assist causes such as indigenous tribal groups and organizations dedicated to cultural preservation in the Philippines.

After taking some years off to focus on being a pure “student”, Guro Dino has recently started teaching again in late 2009 with renewed passion and vigor. One of his objectives is to honorably pass on Punong Guro Guro Edgar Sulites backyard sparring training method to those who would appreciate and respect it.

Again please contact me via email on alan.mcfarlane.beae@hotmail.com or Mobile (In Australia) 0466 442 913 if you wish to attend or if you have any enquiries.

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I am excited to hear that my peer and friend Dino will have this opportunity to share his passion for the FMA on a global level. Those of you fortunate to attend will surely be impressed with Dino’s ability to capture the audience with both confidence and a no-nonsense approach to the fighting arts. Fortunate to have trained with so many esteemed instructors, he too is among a smaller contingent of eskrimadors determined to set a higher bar of standards for the preservation and promotion of the indigenous fighting arts from the Philippines.

I wish him great success!

John G. Jacobo

The quote above sums it up well. For those that attended it was really an excellent experience that we hope to repeat soon. A real eye opener into highly respected arts of Lameco and Kalis Ilustrisimo. Guro Flores obviously has a passion for the arts and a deep respect for each of the Five Pillars of Kalis Ilustrisimo.

We thank him for the opportunity and look forward to future events.

Some photos from the day can be seen here. Unfortunately not all who participated were able stay for the photos.

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