Kapisanang Mandirigma Founding Member Guro Choy Flores

Kapisanang Mandirigma Member Guro Choy Flores

Guro Choy is currently teaching by invitation only.


lameco bakbakan ilustrisimo sagasa kafefil

 In the Original “Backyard” on Goodwin Ave. in Los Angeles, California. 1996.
L to R: Arnold Noche, Hans Tan, Bong Hebia, Choy Flores, Dino Flores
with Bud Balani in the back.
Photo property of Dino Flores.
kali arnis eskrima ilustrisimo lameco
Rear L to R: Master Doc Lengson, Master Christopher Ricketts, Steve Terani, Dino Flores,
Rem Cruz, Bong Hebia, Edgar Sulite Jr., Guro Lowell Pueblos, Master Rey Galang.
Front L to R: Choy Flores, Bud Balani, Roger Agbulos, Arnold Noche.
Ilustrisimo Seminar in San Fernando Valley, California. 1998.
Photo property of Dino Flores.
Punong Guro Edgar Sulite
L to R: Ariel Flores Mosses, Punong Guro Edgar Sulite,
Andrew Sulite, Choy Flores, Dino Flores.
Cousins Dino, Choy and Ariel  assisting Punong Guro with seminars in
Washington and Oregon States. 1995.
Photo property of Dino Flores.
Guro Choy and Guro Dino representing Lameco Eskrima
after fighting at “The Gathering” 1994.
Photo courtesy of DBMA.
kali arnis eskrima escrima kali arnis eskrima escrima
Rear L to R: Guro Arnold Noche, Guro Steve Terani, Guro Mar Elepano, Guro Bud Balani,
Master Christopher Ricketts, Guro Dino Flores
Front L to R: Guro Roger Agbulos, Guro Choy Flores, Guro Dave Gould
Group reunion. San Fernando Valley, California.
Photo courtesy of Victor Gendrano.

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