Guro Gary Quan on how he started Lameco Eskrima under Punong Guro Edgar Sulite

I first learned about LAMECO Eskrima and Punong Guro Edgar Sulite through my good friend and training partner Phil Rapagna. Phil was training privately with Punong Guro and he would often rave to me about his Punong Guro’s skills and training methods. At that time I was training FMA under Guro Dan Inosanto and it was at the Inosanto Academy where I got to first experience a few classes with Punong Guro. I really enjoyed those classes and hoped to train with him again.

A few months later, Phil called me and told me that Punong Guro is going to be holding classes in Altadena and asked if I was interested in training with him. I told him for sure I was interested. And through Phil I was accepted as a LAMECO student.
At my first LAMECO class, I remember being warmly greeted by Punong Guro. From then on I was in Kali/Eskrima heaven. Even though I had previous training in FMA, I felt like I was a beginner again. I even had to relearn how to do my angle 1 and 2 strikes. Footwork was heavily emphasized in class. We always started classes with footwork drills and I remember huffing and puffing after we were done. Also, the LAMECO stick progressions and drills were so well thought out.
One of the most important martial art lessons I learned from Punong Gruo was that whenever we train that we must alway strike with “INTENTION”. I can still hear his voice in my head – “Gary, you must strike with INTENTION!”. Even now I continue to apply that lesson to whatever martial art I am training in.
Classes eventually resumed back at Punong Guro’s home in Glendale and I was very honored to be invited to train with the “backyard” group. Unfortunately, I did not get to train with him at his Palmdale home. The last time I spoke with Punong Guro was when he called me to invite me to train with him in Palmdale. I told him I would train with him after he returns from the Philippines. Unfortunately, with great sadness, I would never get to train with Punong Guro again.
I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to train with Punong Guro Edgar. His teachings will always have a special place in my heart.
Taken in 1995 at Tom Belt's school in Altadena, Ca
Taken in 1995 at Tom Belt’s school in Altadena, Ca

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