Guro Viko Aquino-Perrine of Kalis Ilustrisimo and Bakbakan International Seminar, Canada, Saturday, 15 December 2012

Bakabakan International Canada and Undisputed Martial Arts are very proud to present the Fighting System of Kalis Ilustrisimo Workshop.

Guro Viko Aquino-Perrine of Kalis Ilustrisimo and Bakbakan International will be conducting a full day seminar at Undisputed Martials Arts, to teach and showcase the Ilustrisimo Fighting style as taught by the late Master Topher Ricketts, Grandmaster Tony Diego and Mang Romy Macapagal. The basics and fighting mindset of this complete fighting system will be showcased with

emphasis on the basics and its foundational techniques. Guro Viko will also demonstrate various intermediate and advanced techniques.

Kalis Ilustrisimo is held in very high regard as one of the most effective styles of Filipino Martial Arts. It is named after its originator, the legendary Grandmaster Antonio “Tatang” Ilustrisimo, who had in many situations proven the value of his martial craft in the real world, as he intended the art to be used for the preservation of one’s life.

Based on a bladed weapon combative system, its effectiveness can be applied to unarmed combat with relative ease. This seminar will thoroughly cover the basics of Kalis Ilustrisimo and will enable students to absorb the ingenuity and simplicity of the art as it is taught in it’s native land.

Guro Viko Aquino-Perrine has been a senior student and practitioner of Kalis Ilustrisimo for the majority of his life. He has been an instructor of this craft in the Philippines, Australia and the United States. This will be his first opportunity to teach here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The cost of the seminar will be $80 (cash) per person. Students should bring their own equipment. Sticks, training swords and knives are recommended. Equipment can be made available with advanced notice.

Guro Viko will also be available from December 13th – 16th for private training sessions. Please contact Archie Luz at to inquire about Guro Viko’s availability for personal sessions.

Guro Viko Aquino-Perrine of Kalis Ilustrisimo and Bakbakan International

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